Injection molding and deep drawing composite

We have conducted this research project together with the machine manufacturer ARBURG Lossburg in form of an injection molding machine with integrated deep drawing tool.

This material composite is water and gas tight.

Illustration 1  Composite parts of deep drawing and injection molding 4Ming┬«

The production of the parts is carried out in one operation, the edge machining of the sheet metal part is omitted. The actual shell cavity consists of deep-drawn stainless steel 1.4301.

A two-floor tool forms the shell from the metal sheet during the closing operation. It is taken with a Arburg 3-axis NC-handling from the deep drawing area.

In injection molding area, the overmolding of the edge is made.

The result is an entirely new product feature and advantages in the production process.

Illustration 2  Two floor tool for producing a stainless steel-polyamide composite parts
Illustration 3  Injection molding machine with composite tool