Multiple Drawing Process offers new Fields of Application

Ziehteile durch Mehrfachzugverfahren hergestellt. Luftbehälter, Feuerlöscher, Gasflasche und Bestattungsurne.
Multiple Drawing Parts  Air Tank, Fireextinguisher, Gasbottle and burial Urn 4Ming®

Multiple deep drawing was developed by us.

Multiple drawing:  Animation

For the production of long drawing parts showing slim forms from a height to diameter ratio of >= 0,75 several drawing steps are necessary. The different working stations as well as the transportation from one working station to the next requires a high invest.

Integrated systems according to the multiple drawing process offer a possibility to realize several drawing operations, ironing or punching operations by means of one operating cycle. Using concentric positioned drawing punches, this method allows the production of cups of different diameters out of the round blank by means of a gradual deep drawing or ironing process.
(Illustration 1 – 2).

The main form of the cup is created this way. (Tabel 1)

Illustration 1   Drawing Station 1+2
Illustration 2   Drawing Station 3+4

Following the ending of the last drawing station the additional form is created in the bottom zone of the part. The additional form can be created by means of punching, plunging or embossing. (See list 2). For the realization of this process the machine is equipped with independently controllable driving axes. Flanged parts are created by extracting the manufactured hollow part between the matrixes. Different process variants have been developed for uncylindrical main forms (See list 1) as well [1]

Compared with transfer presses the machines are very reasonable and further more there is no need of expensive automation so that a considerable saving of invest is the result. The following beading process included, the invest is approx. 30% - 50 % in comparison to a transfer press. In case of increasing output rates there is a possibility of a faster realization of the investment decision for a smaller project.

The parallel application of reasonable systems achieves a redundancy of the production. While the interruption of a Key Transfer Press causes the break down of the production of the whole plant, the reasonable parallelism of integrated systems offers the availability of at least one system.

 The Multiple Drawing Process in one die allows a rapid change of dies. There is no expensive modification of the interim steps of the automation. The actual die changing time is less than 15 minutes.

Illustration 3   Production System with 5 axes for Gasbottles

The manufactured parts are used for different applications for the pressure tank industry, the automotive supplier industry and catering requirements (cans, beer barrels) as well as burial urns.  The output rate of the actual high-capacity production systems depends on the max. deep drawing speed and is up to 10 parts/min.

The combination of such a multiple deep drawing station with a spinning or a trimming machine allows manifold geometric possibilities with lowest production times.

The wide range of possible methods arises out of the combination main form and additional form. (See list 1 and 2).

Some examples:

  • Integrated system deep drawing – Deep drawing process – Punching e.g. gas cylinders
  • Integrated system deep drawing – Deep drawing process – Deep drawing – Embossing – e.g. fire extinguishers
  • Integrated system deep drawing – Punching – Plunging e.g. air vessels
  • Integrated system deep drawing – Embossing e.g. lid of a beer barrel
  • Integrated system deep drawing – Deep drawing process – Ironing - Punching
  • Integrated system deep drawing – Ironing process – Ironing process - Embossing
Tabel 1:  Primary ShapeDescription
Single drawing process, single drawing process with rest flanges, e.g. lids for beer barrels
Double-action drawing process, deep drawing process + Ironing, double-action drawing process, with rest flange, e.g. fire extinguisher, gas cylinders
Triple-action drawing process, triple-action drawing process with rest flange, double-action drawing process + Ironing, e.g. fire extinguisher
Four-action drawing process, triple-action drawing process + Ironing, e.g. fire extinguisher
Four-action drawing process with rest flange e.g. bore-crown
Stepped drawing process, e.g. reflector case

Non-cylindrical multiple drawing process,

e.g. air vessel

Non-cylindrical multiple drawing process,

e.g. burial urns

Tabel 2:  Secondary ShapeDescription

Punching – burr outside

Punching – burr inside

Embossing – burr outside

Embossing – burr inside


Combination of punching and plunging inside or outside

[1] See: Recent developments in the field of pressing / IFUM Stuttgart / 2002 / Process variant for the deep drawing process of coniform drawing parts by means of integrated system dies by Gerd Reitter